Want to see why Wicked is so popular? Read on to find out how to see this thrillifying show for just £19.50.


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Key information

TheatreApollo Victoria Theatre
Running time2 hours 45 minutes, no interval
Age7+ recommended, no children under 3
Booking until28 May 2023
PerformancesTue-Sat 7:30pm
Wed, Sat & Sun 2:30pm
Matinees: 27 Oct; 20, 23, 27, 30 Dec; 16 Feb; 6 Apr
No evening performances: 24, 31 Dec
No performances: 25 Dec
Tickets from£19.50

Why should I see it?

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Selling points

  • A modern classic, spending a huge 15 years in the West End
  • Currently stars Lucie Jones as Elphaba and Gary Wilmot as the Wizard

Rochelle’s opinion

“After spending so long in London, it’s hard to believe there’s anyone who hasn’t seen Wicked yet. But if that’s you then go – it’s a must-see West End staple. It’s one of those good all-rounders – everything from the set and costumes to the soundtrack and story are really well done. Many of the show’s songs are now recognised beyond the world of theatre which says a lot for Stephen Schwartz’s work. If you loved The Wizard of Oz then make sure you see what happens next.”

How do I get cheap tickets?

Check out the tips below to discover the best deal for your trip, whether it’s a spontaneous visit or a day out planned months in advance. If you want more detail, check out my dedicated blog post.

Best last-minute deal

Now here’s a front row seat that’s worth sitting in! Every Wednesday at 10am, Wicked releases 24 seats for each show in the very first row of the stalls. These are for the next week’s performances and they cost £29.50. This is on the upper end of what I’d call ‘cheap’ but it’s definitely better than the usual cheap seats at the very back of the circle (a long way away in the huge theatre Wicked calls home!) This front row is better than most too. The stage isn’t too high so you’ll avoid any major neck ache, and the amount of legroom on offer is dreamy! Go just off centre for the best view.

If you really don’t fancy the front row, or you’re being super last-minute with your purchase, then try the TodayTix Daily Dozen. These work like rush tickets – they go on sale at 10am each day and it’s first come first served. You can also buy up to 4 tickets at once unlike a lot of rush shows. These seats can be anywhere in the theatre – they may vary in face value each day, but it’s likely still a good saving on buying them directly in advance.

Best for booking ahead

Tickets start at £19.50 when booking directly and these are usually found at the very back of the stalls and circle. The Apollo Victoria is a really big theatre, so this can feel particularly far away from the action. If you want to feel a bit more involved, then there are some seats near the front of the stalls priced at £19.50 or £29.75. They are on the very edge at one side, and they are listed as restricted view, but most of the major action takes place centre stage so it is worth a chance if your budget is tight. I’d recommend not going for the very front rows as these seem to be more restricted due to the angle.

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