To Kill a Mockingbird

All rise for To Kill a Mockingbird in the West End! Find out how to see the show from as little as £15.

To Kill a Mockingbird

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Key information

TheatreGielgud Theatre
Running time2 hours 35 minutes plus interval
Age12+ recommended
Booking until4 February 2023
PerformancesMon-Sat 7pm
Wed & Sat 2pm
Matinees: 20, 22, 23, 28, 30 Dec
No performances: 24, 26 Dec
Tickets from£18

Why should I see it?

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Selling points

  • Based on the New York Times best book of the past 125 years
  • Novel regularly studied as part of the national curriculum
  • The Broadway production received multiple Tony award nominations

Rochelle’s opinion

“I, like many, studied To Kill a Mockingbird in my teens and was excited to see a stage production in the West End some 15 years later. The acting is excellent throughout – the staging really puts the story and emotion at the forefront. Although the story differs in parts, the sentiment is still there. You will leave the theatre with a thoughtful, challenged mind, proving Harper Lee’s work to be important decades on from its original publication.”

How do I get cheap tickets?

Check out the tips below to discover the best deal for your trip, whether it’s a spontaneous visit or a day out planned months in advance. If you want more detail, check out my dedicated blog post.

Best last-minute deal

To Kill a Mockingbird really cares about accessibility and there’s several ways to get your hands on cheap tickets to see it. The show is one of many that offer rush tickets through the TodayTix app. At 10am each day you can purchase up to two tickets to see the show that day. These are usually great seats worth much more than the £15 you will pay through the rush scheme. For more information about rush tickets, read my dedicated post.

Best for booking ahead

Full price direct tickets for To Kill a Mockingbird start at £18 – these are found in the upper circle seats and provide a highly restricted side view. You’re better off upping your budget and going for the £30 seats at the centre back of the upper circle. However there is a better way of getting a great cheap seat without having to wait until the day of the performance itself. There’s a fantastic ticket scheme run by the show called All Rise which offers £15 tickets to the show every month. They are bookable via TodayTix on the first Tuesday of each month for the next month of performance, meaning you can plan ahead. There are seats available on all levels of the theatre, some of them worth up to £75! Take a look at my TikTok video about All Rise to find out more.

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